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5 Creative Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

A great way to catch your reader's attention is to tell a story. Everything you consider writing can be told as a story. Rather than purchasing a pre-made gift basket from the local department store, try making up your own unique arrangements. It's loads more fun to make your own arrangements, and you can choose from a variety of adorable baskets to put it all in-from red baskets lined with white fur that look like Santa's suit, to sparkling Christmas sleighs. Check out these five christmas gift basket ideas  that can be completely customized to fit the interests of any recipient:


1. Warmth of the Season.


Celebrate the warmth of the holiday season by making a "cozy" gift basket. Think of all the things you enjoy on a cold and snowy winter day-rich hot cocoa, scented candles, gourmet coffee, personalized mugs, luxurious blankets, hand-knit mittens, snuggly slippers, wool socks... The list goes on and on. You might think all these warm and fluffy items won't fit in a gift basket, but it's actually quite easy to make it all work-roll blankets tightly and tie them with a festive bow to save space, prop slippers up against the back of the basket and pile smaller items in front of them, and hot cocoa and coffee bags can be placed inside mugs. Go the extra mile by including some goodies like an electric mug warmer to keep cocoa piping hot, a Zippo hand warmer (great for days spent ice-skating or sitting in a football stadium!), and a book full of heartwarming tales and stories (after all, hands and feet aren't the only things we have to keep warm!).

2. Do You Want To Build a Snowman?


This is a great basket idea for a family with children. Include everything they will need to build a fabulous snowman-top hat, charcoal, giant buttons, scarf, pipe, carrot, and snow markers. Don't forget to throw in waterproof gloves for the entire family (we all know it's impossible to build a snowman if you can't feel your fingers anymore!). Include a great snowman storybook (like All You Need for a Snowman, by Alice Schertle), Frosty the Snowman on DVD, gourmet cookies, snowman mugs, and plenty of hot cocoa so the whole family can continue building priceless memories in the warmth of their home after they build their snowman.

3. Escape From the Hustle and Bustle.


Let's face it-the holiday season can be absolutely exhausting. It is, without a doubt, the most wonderful time of the year, but all that wonder can leave one feeling a bit drained. Think of marathon present-wrapping sessions, hours spent in the cold hunting for the perfect Christmas tree (then having to saw for 20 minutes to cut it down, not to mention dragging it back to the car!), baking enough cookies to feed an army, and Black Friday shopping (need we say more?). Create a basket for your friends and loved ones who might need a bit of pampering and relaxation to recover from the hustle and bustle of the holidays. This basket theme should be customized to fit the individual preferences of your recipient, but be sure to include some of their favorite indulgent treats (candied nuts, chocolates, popcorn), a cozy blanket, a favorite book, coffee or hot cocoa, favorite movies (comedies are best, a few laughs will surely reinvigorate your tired friend), relaxing music, a delicious-smelling scented candle (hot apple pie or warm vanilla cookies), scented lotions, and fuzzy slippers.

4. Unique Tree-Trimming.


If you plan to give a gift basket early during the holiday season, a tree-trimming basket is a unique choice that your recipients will be eager to use. Christmas ornaments hold a special meaning for many of us, and a basket full of ornaments chosen specifically with your loved ones in mind is an extremely thoughtful gift. You can tailor this basket theme to fit your recipient, and if it is going to a family, you can choose special ornaments to represent each member of that family. Choose ornaments with special events that may have happened that year, favorite sports or movies, children's ages and names, photo ornaments depicting fun and special memories, and ornaments that represent each individual's interests, hobbies, and characteristics. Spend a little time making homemade garland with popcorn or cranberries to make the basket extra special, and don't forget to include a unique tree topper. Instead of the usual basket, use a decorative sleigh to make this gift really stand out!

5. Holiday Road Trip.


Loads of us take road trips during the holidays-after all, visiting family and friends is what Christmas is all about! Create a gift basket with everything needed for a great road trip-an awesome CD with their favorite music (or an iTunes gift card so they can create their own playlist!), travel mugs (personalize with names, a funny message, or find mugs with their favorite movies/characters/teams), munchies for long rides (gum, crackers, mints), car air fresheners, books/activity books/travel-sized board games for younger passengers (to relentless chanting of "are we there yet?"), tissues, wet wipes, gas cards, and restaurant gift cards.


Your friends, family, and co-workers are sure to fall in love with these unique gift basket ideas. Please feel free to contact us to learn about more delightful holiday gifts this Christmas season