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Why Customize Your Wholesale Baskets and Boxes

In our 50 or so years of providing baskets to businesses, we have learned that everyone's basketry needs are different. Gift baskets need to be cute and small enough to look full with gifts. Picnic baskets need to be easy to cart and big enough to hold the picnic. And wouldn't it be nice to have baskets that match your company's logo? So we got into the custom wholesale baskets business.

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When should you get your baskets customized? There are many times when customization is the right way to go. If you are having a special event and want to give your clients something memorable, a gift basket that matches your company logo is an excellent way to kill two birds with one stone. Since, a basket is too substantial to just throw away, your clients will likely keep it as a souvenir. The unique basket can then remind them of your company for years. Also, other potential clients will see them with it. This is cheap and targeted advertising.

You might not want the basket to remind the customer of the company, but rather the event they got it at. If you use the baskets at a charity function, you might want to have symbols of the cause on your basket to emphasize it. Your basket can reflect any theme to match your event, whatever the event is. This way, people have a tangible reminder of what you stand for.

Beyond the symbolic and memory refreshing uses, there are practical physical reasons to get your baskets customized. If you have a gift or product with unusual dimensions, you might have to get the container customized to make sure it fits. Very small items require a different weave than big items, and you really don't want your long special products hanging half out of its basket. It might drop out of the container and break. Few things are worse than having to refund or replace items because they keep falling out of the customer's basket. You might as well give it away for free then. We can work with you to make sure your products will be secure in their baskets.

The unusual shape can have its uses. It might be part of your branding. Every company wants a particular look and message. It's part of basic communication: you want potential costumers to know not only who you are and what you do, but to be able to sum up those things quickly for anyone who is just hearing about you. Customized baskets can carry that message. Perhaps your logo is on it, or your colors. Perhaps the shape so perfectly matches your product that everyone can tell what the customer bought. This branding will help you stand out amongst all the other companies selling similar products.

Baskets are frequently parts of displays, since they are decorative by nature. Displaying your products to their very best advantage can require special baskets. They may need to be stackable or a particular color. Perhaps they need to be very shallow. When you have a special vision for your display, you need to have the right basket.

Ultimately, every situation calling for baskets is unique. You have to review your needs carefully to get the container that fits you just right. If you find the right one, it can fill all the uses listed here, and be something you reuse for a long time to come.

Almac Imports has been customizing baskets since the 1960's, and we enjoy the creativity of it. If you have very particular needs for your wholesale baskets, feel free to contact us. We look forward to helping you.