10 Halloween Basket Ideas Your Clients Will Love
16 August, 2017 by
Cummins Gordon

Halloween is upon us, and it is time to capitalize on a little spooky fun before customers get swamped with Christmas advertising. A Halloween gift basket will showcase your products in a way that will put them on people's buying list with the candy and masks.  If you are struggling to think of how to take advantage of this particular gift basket theme and wonder what a Halloween basket needs, here are a few ideas.

1. A Halloween stuffed animal. To a certain extent, any non-candy item will gratify parents, but stuffed animals entertain children for months on end. It is particularly handy from an advertising perspective if this stuffed bear-in-a-witch's-hat has your company logo stitched on it, but that is optional. The main point is that a stuffed animal will stick around long after the trick-or-treating is done, extending the feeling of the season throughout the year.

2. Autumn colored tissue paper. It doesn't have to be black and orange. In fact it will stand out better if it isn't. Gold, red, yellow, and other colors of fall leaves will complement your product packaging and cushion the free samples so they don't break. It will also keep certain samples from melting directly on the basket, which will be great for customers who want to reuse it for their child's trick-or-treat basket.

3. Candy and baked goods with Halloween or harvest themes. If you sell seasonal specialties (pumpkin bread? bat-shaped chocolates?), a few samples in the basket can help spread the word about them. People tend to share from gift baskets, so the number of people who will sample of your unique contributions is uncountable. Besides, seasonal products clearly indicate that you keep up with the times and appreciate fall's gifts. People will like that extra special touch that only your company provides.

4. Coloring matter and notepads, possibly decorated with traditional Halloween imagery. Grown ups always need something to write on and something to write with as part of their daily lives, and little children love to color. As the weather gets cooler, finding quick entertainment for children stuck inside gets tricky, and running to the store for a pen becomes more of a hassle. People will appreciate both the practical and whimsical nature of the gift.

5. Oatmeal and gold raffia. This makes a nice bed for your goodies and also resembles straw so you can capitalize on the harvest theme. This can decorate the handles as well as the bottom. It will keep your color scheme simple so that the other items look pretty and it will match whatever other colors you use in decorating your baskets. It might look especially nice in our black bat take out box or scooped wicker basket.

6. While you are looking at the raffia, check out ribbons of the appropriate color. Tie up some of your samples individually to highlight your choicest goodies (and possibly hide more grown-up gifts from the children.) Strategically placed ribbons let your logo and product shine.

7. Wine, coffee or tea. Fall is grape-picking season and there is always something hot and/or alcoholic on offer around this time. Wine is a traditionally classy gift and can dress up for Halloween with orange crepe or ribbons around the neck. A witch hat on the cork would also keep the festive spirit. Coffee and tea make nice general gifts as well, especially if you have a special seasonal blend (pumpkin spice? Apple cinnamon?) to share. Colder weather will make sure that people will use the tea and coffee, and they will get a warm glow thinking about the kind souls who it gave to them.

8. Flashlights. It gets dark early in October and the most important part of Halloween festivities is going out trick-or-treating. Flashlights provide light when your customers and clients need it most, thus adding to the warm feelings that they have for you. It only takes a sharpie to add your logo or company name to the flashlight, too, and you have an advertisement that will last for years and will show up where everyone has to look.

9. Gift cards. Every gift basket should have gift cards as a general rule. They are a compact, versatile way to thank people for their loyalty. Gift cards for costume stores and specialty candy stores will fit with the Halloween theme, and one for your own company will build costumer loyalty. Beyond that, gift cards give you the chance to put it in an envelope you can decorate with all the Halloween imagery you want.

10. Special effects in clear boxes. You can put candy eyeballs or vampire teeth in your boxes for a spooky effect that will entertain even jaded clients. The box can highlight a novelty or add to a pickled-baby-at-the-carnival-of-horrors feel. It will also keep the special effects from smudging the other items you have arranged artfully in your basket.

We have been selling wholesale baskets and packaging accessories since the 1960's, so we have seen a lot of trends when it comes to Halloween. If you need help making your basket the must-have thing of the season, contact us to see your options. Don't forget that we can customize something for your needs! We have what it takes to give all your clients a happy Halloween.

Cummins Gordon 16 August, 2017
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