9 Great Retail Ideas for Chalk Board Baskets
16 August, 2017 by
Cummins Gordon
Whether you're just starting out or refreshing your store's look, retails signs and displays are often quite costly. The good news is that you don't have to pay a fortune to acquire a unique, marketable look. Chalk board baskets are an interesting, cost-effective way to display products, while taking advantage of the highest degree of customization. They work great for both small and large businesses, for both transient vendors and brick-and-mortar store owners. Check-out the guide below for great retail ideas on how to use chalk board baskets  

Sales Display

If you have new sales every week, chalk board baskets offer a way for you to change the sale items and the prices without buying new signs every time. Customize chalk board baskets every week or every day! Plus, customers like to know that they're getting a great deal, and chalk board baskets create a down-to-earth look to go along with your down-to-earth sales price!

Small & Sample Product Display

Small products and sample-sized products are often hard to organize and effectively display. They're easy to knock over, and it's for them to get mixed-up with other products of the same size. Chalk board baskets are a great way to keep small and sample-sized products organized, accessible, and contained for you and your customers.

Product Display at Point of Sale

The last-minute sale at the register is a common marketing technique that works. Consider putting products you have that are under $10 in the chalk board basket next to the register. The easy customization of the baskets allows you to change the products you offer at the point of sale, which in turn helps expose your customers to new products. Consider having salespeople tally the number of point of sale products sold in order to see which ones do best at that location.

Personal Touch

Chalk board baskets add a personal touch to your items and your store atmosphere. If you offer handmade products, the baskets compliment the handmade theme. If you don't offer handmade products, the baskets show that someone took the time to write something by hand.


With chalk board baskets, it's easy to create new eye-catching designs every day. Match the design with the product, the season, or the holiday. For example, draw flowers for Spring or flags for Independence Day. Make sure to buy different colors of chalk!

Movable Marketing

Whether you're selling your items at a craft fair or huge store, chalk board baskets work great for movable marketing. Have a salesperson walk around the venue with products and info sheets to suggest to customers. Customers will appreciate the personal introduction to your products.

Online Marketing

If you haven't moved into online marketing, use chalk board baskets to create interesting visuals for your online product pictures. Choose basket colors that contrast with your products to highlight them. Baskets communicate that personal touch via online viewing, while showing that quantities are available.

Product Storing

Storing additional products in chalk-board baskets helps you to keep easy accessibility to products and a rolling inventory. If you're limited on space, this is a great way to tidy your stock. Consider writing the number of products on the chalk board and changing the number whenever you bring-out additional products. Stack baskets in pyramids or other shapes to add creative visuals and store your products at the same time!

Customer Interaction

If you're interested in going outside of the box with your marketing, consider having customers try your products and write on the chalk board basket what they like best about the product! For more ideas about chalk board basket and other retail displays, contact us.
Cummins Gordon 16 August, 2017
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