Baby Baskets: Don't Know Whether to Go Traditional or Non-Traditional? Meet the Parents
16 August, 2017 by
Cummins Gordon

                                                “Babies are such a nice way to start people.”  -  Don Harold
If it’s time for you to create a gift basket for a baby shower or to welcome the new arrival, it’s normal that you might focus on the baby. But actually, it’s the parents who are the recipients. Mom and Dad are the ones who will notice and appreciate the contents and packaging. Nice as they are, babies can’t even see color or small objects until they are three to four months old. So when you are designing a gift basket, give some thought to the parents.

If you think that the parents run more along traditional lines, then go with the standard approach: pink for girls; blue for boys; white/yellow/green (pastels) if you don’t know the gender. Within the traditional category, there are still lots of options. For gifts, select the tried-and-true: stuffed toys, infant outfits, teething rings, rattles and receiving blankets.

For your container you could start with a Welcome Baby or a Baby Steps box (both suitable for either gender). Or use the bathtub-shaped Baby Boy or Baby Girl box. If you want something more long-lasting, try the Baby Wagon with embroidered lining (comes in pink, blue and white and in different shapes and sizes); or the wicker Doll Cradle. For fill, pick something fun like Baby Blend crinkle paper or Baby Handprints tissue paper. Wrap it all up in delightful Baby Toys cellophane.


If you are pretty sure that the parents would roll their eyes at baby things that trend toward the cute and traditional, you’ll want to get more creative. There’s a couple of ways you can go: cater to parental style or parental interests.
Parental Style

Nothing fussy, please… Does Mom have a penchant for all things elegant? Is she not the kind to coo over fluffy bunnies? For gifts include classic white onesies, lace booties and a chenille baby blanket in black and white stripes.

Select a “basket” that she’ll re-use with pleasure long after the baby has gone off to school: a black Faux Leather Tappered Tray. For packaging you can wow Mom with tissue paper in stunning black and white Jet Lines. Finish off the elegance with Cello imprinted with baby’s breath.

All things natural... 

Or maybe Mom and Dad are practical, earth-loving folks. We’re talking free range chickens, organic veggies and all-things-recycled. For gifts, consider good old-fashioned cloth diapers (with a gift certificate to a diaper-washing service), gentle soaps and hand knit caps.

Choose a solid, reusable container like a Brown Baby Basket with liner, a Metal Oval Wire Basket or a Copper Planter. Then pack the gifts in Wood Shred or Natural Raffia.

Parental Interests

Go team! Maybe the parents are diehard American football fans so you decide to bow to the inevitable and design a football-themed gift basket. Have fun with the contents. A baby-sized TV remote? Subscription to Sports Illustrated? Or what about this—an Etsy company that will make a one-piece romper with the parents’ favorite NFL logo and colors. For the gift box, pick one emblazoned with footballs.

Add tissue paper in team colors, or Metallic Shredthat looks a lot like cheerleader pompoms. Literary leanings… If the parents are bibliophiles, create a baby basket that celebrates their love of books. For the gift, buy a starter set of classic children’s books like Wind in the Willows or Winnie the Pooh. Add a stuffed animal to match. Or give the parents a gift certificate to their favorite bookstore, to use on the baby’s behalf, of course.

Present the gifts in a sturdy Wood Crate or wicker Oval Magazine Basket, all the better to store their reading material later. Tuck the books down into Paper Shred or Diamondcut Sizzle.

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Cummins Gordon 16 August, 2017
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