Company Christmas Party Ideas: End Your Year With a Buzz-Worthy Bash!
16 August, 2017 by
Cummins Gordon

Once again, the holiday season is upon us. Another year has passed, in the blink of an eye and the time has come to reward your staff with a party to end all parties! However, coming up with unique company Christmas party ideas, year after year is not always an easy task. You want your party to stand out amongst those from past years, whether you decide to uphold a similar tradition each season, or find a creative new idea to really "wow" your employees. No matter what you decide, making your workers feel valued is always the goal. Below are some great ideas to make your company Christmas special.

Use Company Time To Celebrate

Many advantages exist for holding your company Christmas during working hours. If your work load is light enough as the holidays draw near, you need not rent a venue, decide how to decorate, or even provide food! Although often less expensive than a catered affair or a sparkling night out, the in-house party can be just as much fun. Potluck and White Elephant gift-giving typically offer exceptional food choices and  humorous ways to pass the time. A party in the workplace insures that everyone contributes and no one is out-of-place. Another option for celebration during work hours is lunch at a local restaurant. Planning is still minimal, although you will want to reserve a room for your guests and work out menu possibilities. You may want to pick a dining venue with special perks, like live music or table-side food preparation, to make the experience more unique. Gift cards are simple and  ideal gifts for this informal setting.

Everyone Loves an Evening of Live Entertainment

Comedy or dance clubs can liven up your company party with creative ambiance and random diversion. Let the entertainers know that your business is in attendance to receive extra attention! If you choose this option, make sure that a variety of food is available. You may also choose an amusement venue, such as a mini racetrack, game arcade or even laser tag, if you have an adventurous bunch. Casual dining options in a relaxed atmosphere allow free association with co-workers, as well as offering a possible team-building opportunity.

Dinner and Dancing in Elegant Surroundings

A traditional party can be  an opportunity to dress in holiday finery for a more formal setting. Cocktails and hors d'oeurves along with a sit-down dinner is often thought to be a stuffy affair, but plenty of alcohol, humorous awards, or great music can go a long way towards making this party one to remember. Hire a caricature artist, photo professional or dance teacher to create special lasting memories. If you have a residence that lends itself to entertaining, you can have your party there. Showcase your personal style and open your home to your employees. You will likely want to cater the food and if you have many employees, hire servers and housekeeping. A professional musician is good for an intimate gathering, and you will likely want to have cab service available for those who may overindulge.

Gifts Need Not Be Extravagant

If you are looking for gifts, either personally customized for the individual or designed for mass appeal, read on for some simple solutions.

  • A Christmas Bonus Check
  • Restaurant or Entertainment Gift Cards
  • Gift Baskets - Personally customized or designed for mass appeal
  • Functional Gifts - Pens, business card holders, Multi-tools, etc.
  • Engraved Gifts - May include some items mentioned above
  • Festive Food - May be presented in beautiful wrapping

Contact us for all your packaging needs, whether for special staff Christmas remembrances or business resale requirements. We can make the holidays special for everyone who walks through your front door!
Cummins Gordon 16 August, 2017
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