Customizable and Quaint Chalkboard Gift Baskets Make Us Smile!
16 August, 2017 by
Cummins Gordon
Gift containers are available in such a wide variety of styles and materials, that many of us have difficulty determining which ones will fit the purpose for which they will be used. Gift baskets gain their unique qualities by their multitude of styles and their ability to be created from almost any imaginable material. From natural components, like wicker and wood, to man-made options, like metal and plastic, gift baskets are the ideal customizable option to make any type of gift more personal and more fabulous!

The character of a gift basket is just as important as what it contains, particularly since the basket is likely to be reused, once its contents are exhausted. Making a personalized gift that fits the recipient and the product  that fills it, to the finest detail, is easily achieved by adding custom decorative elements, including:
  • Fabric ribbons, bows or basket lining
  • Paper lining or craft creations
  • Small figurines or other miniatures
  • Origami or other paper craft
  • Floral or natural details
  • Cellophane or gift wrap
  • Greeting cards
  • Useable hobby items, such as sewing notions, paints, glitter or colored paper
Chalkboard gift baskets are a relatively current addition to available gift basket options. Their versatility comes from their attached chalkboard which immediately evokes good-natured emotion, due to its nostalgic appeal. A chalkboard gift basket is loved by everyone, no matter what their age, because a chalkboard is such a universal element! Everyone remembers the chalkboards used as a learning tool from early childhood, and the fun of drawing and writing on them over the years. Even as adults, few of us can resist putting our mark on a blank chalkboard. We never think about our lack of artistic abilities or our verbal inadequacies when faced with chalk and a blank space! Our mental state seems to immediately transform as we reach with abandon, for a piece of chalk, almost as if by reflex.

Not only does the chalkboard provide a whimsical and traditional touch,but it can be used again and again! A chalkboard basket can shout out a cheerful greeting, contain a silly joke, a tiny work of art, or simply label the basket contents. Some may be tempted to remove the chalkboard from their gift. If so, they will have two items to recycle and re-purpose; a basket and a chalkboard!

After the basket is empty, it can still proclaim its joyful message, as a decor item. A tiny chalkboard literally beckons all who approach it, to either read what it says or convey their own message to future viewers. Additionally, chalkboard baskets are resistant to the elements and can be used indoors or out. As you may imagine, educators are excellent candidates for a chalkboard gift basket! Cute and quaint items to fill these baskets include:

  • Inspirational books or plaques
  • An apple for the teacher
  • Hand lotion or chapstick
  • Snack food
  • Candy or baked goods
  • Inexpensive accessories or apparel
  • A personalized chalk eraser and colored chalk (Did you not think of that?)

If your retail space needs  some creative assistance, that is trouble-free and easily changed, chalkboard baskets are ideal. Mark the baskets with their contents, ideas for the use of contents or let your chalkboard decor make your customers aware of bargains and sale items. Contact us to check out our variety of chalkboard baskets. These versatile containers are the perfect "catch-all" to keep on hand for spur of the moment gifts for any occasion or even non-gift uses. There is no limit on the type of items for which these baskets are appropriate. No matter the message you want to convey, there is no doubt you will make someone smile with a chalkboard gift basket!
Cummins Gordon 16 August, 2017
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