Five Baskets & Gift Boxes Fit For Family Fun Night!
16 August, 2017 by
Cummins Gordon

Balancing work and play in a family household is so important, especially in this day in age. With so many shows, apps and gadgets keeping us from spending quality time together, creating a new and exciting way to look forward to family night is key!

One way to spark excitement is by creating a fun themed basket for each week’s activity. There are many great themes out there for whatever age and activity levels, but these five baskets are so innovative and simple, you’ll be able to base your very own basket or a funky gift box using our wholesale baskets and gift basket supplies!

Under The Stars: Family Movie Night 

Any excuse to cuddle up next to loved ones is a good one - especially if it’s for a family movie night under the stars! You can either spread a blanket out on your patio/back yard and project your film onto a white sheet, or simply bring your iPad or laptop outside for a VIP screening of a classic film or latest blockbuster!   Themed Gift Box: To get the family excited about movie night, pack a themed box for each child full of popcorn, boxed treats you’d find at the theatre, home made “movie tickets” inviting them to watch a movie & a feather boa if they REALLY want to feel glamorous!

Just Add Water: Heading To The Beach

An afternoon at the beach or poolside is great, especially when the hot weather just won’t quit! You don’t need to go too overboard with this idea (unless you really want to!) it’s just meant to be a super special way to let your family know you’re treating them to some time to splash around and get silly! Gift Themed Basket: Make sure you find a basket with handles and is sturdy enough to carry all of your beach/pool day goodies! Fill it to the brim with fun pool toys from the dollar store like water balloons, mini water guns, pool noodles & inflatable toys. Don’t forget the sunscreen! 

A Night of Cupcake Baking & Decorating

Cupcake baking and decorating is fun for all ages! If you have a larger family and dread the idea of baking a huge batch together, having the cupcakes baked ahead of time is great - you can also purchase cool and colourful cupcake boxes and have the kids decorate them for their teachers, neighbours and family members!

Gift Themed Boxes & Basket:

For this activity, both themed boxes for each kid and one large wicker basket would work best. Within the small themed boxes, insert a baker’s hat, apron, a small spatula, special sprinkles as well an icing pen for each child. Within the Large Wicker Basket, insert the rest of the materials: icing, sprinkles, food dye, toppers and candies.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

Cheering on a local team from the stands is a great way of teaching the importance of being a team player to your kids… and a great way to show support for your community! Scoring tickets to a Yankees or Red Sox game may not be in your budget, but there are always farm leagues and minor league teams which have similar, if not the same ambiance for a night out with your kids at the ballpark.

Gift themed box:

Pack a sports themed box for each kid attending full of big league chew, peanuts, baseball trading cards, tickets, a hat and, if you’re feeling really generous, a glove! Because these are smaller items, we suggest stuffing with crinkle paper or cello shred.

Family Game Night

The iconic family night is of course spent around the table, eating pizza & playing a board game Just because we play most of our games on our smartphones, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t dust off Monopoly once in awhile, it’s good for the soul!

Gift themed basket:

Pack a cool chalkboard basket with chips, funny glasses or hats for each team, the game of choice and a trophy for the winning team! Using a chalkboard basket is key because you can write who's on which team, the time of game night and also use it as a place to store all of the smartphones… oh yeah, those aren’t allowed at family game night, surprise!

Cummins Gordon 16 August, 2017
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