Gift Basket Ideas for 4 Graduations
16 August, 2017 by
Cummins Gordon

Looking for some great gift basket ideas?  Now is the time for graduations and any one selling gift baskets or using gift baskets to show support for their local educational system will want to make the most appropriate baskets for the events. Graduations from different levels of education require different gifts, because a gift for a college graduate just won't suit someone graduating Kindergarten.

With that in mind, here are a few graduation basket ideas grouped by grade:

Graduation ceremonies for Kindergarten might not seem obvious, but it's becoming a tradition. Even if the local schools don't have ceremonies, mothers everywhere will appreciate the gift basket gesture. Kindergarten is a child's first foray into the official school system, and that takes a lot of adjustment. When giving a gift basket for a Kindergarten graduate, think of building on the kid's new skills. Parents will appreciate workbooks that prepare someone for first grade, and they will also like toys that capitalize on the new skills. Think Dr. Seuss books and letter-matching games. Crayons and colored pencils make great additions, and they can carry your company logo on them.

The next big graduation will be from primary to middle school. Children are entering a turning point in their educational careers, when they no longer have one teacher all day prompting them to do their work. They are now switching to having multiple teachers and having to manage their own time. Not only this, but some school systems start middle school in 7th grade, and others in 6th grade. All this complicates your gift basket. Good choices will be day planners to help them manage their upcoming year and books that are age appropriate. You will want to check when your school system starts middle school so that you know what sort of books to include. Dictionaries and thesauruses will work, too. While a Kindergarten graduation basket can get away with stuffed animals, a 6th grader will probably be better entertained with model-making kits and jewelry-making kits. They will be entertained over the summer, and they are old enough to clean up their mess, so their parents won't mind the kits.

When a child is ready to go from High School to College, it is time to get creative. After all, they are old enough to drive and vote. It is also more likely that the people giving the gifts are friends rather than parents. Thesauruses and books on money management can help, and they would probably like the latest best seller. Cute teddy bears in the High School's colors or wearing caps and gowns will go over well with girls, and if you can have a stuffed version of the local school's mascot, you get bonus points for 'participating in the community.' Since there will be more friends getting the baskets, you can sneak candy and pastries into the baskets without parents worrying about the kid's appetite. The graduates deserve something sweet after all their work.

Graduating from college, whether from a 2-year community college program or a 4-year bachelor program, is the biggest accomplishment of all. You can assume the graduate is old enough to drink and will likely appreciate those little wine or beer bottles. And bring on the sweets: their parents are well past caring about their diet. They will still appreciate the stuffed teddy bears in graduation gowns, and good books are never amiss. Since you know the recipients are educated, you can get them beautifully bound or paperback classics.

Whatever level of education your gift basket recipients are graduating from, Almac Imports has the wholesale baskets and packaging supplies you need to pull it off.  Contact us to see our offerings and get advice for the best graduation gift baskets.

Cummins Gordon 16 August, 2017
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