Gift Basket Ideas for Father's Day
16 August, 2017 by
Cummins Gordon

Let's face it:  dads are hard to shop for.  Whether it's a gift for your husband from children who are too young to develop their own ideas or a gift for your father, choosing a gift that you know he'll love can feel as impossible as landing yourself on the moon.  Consider these gift basket ideas for Father's Day to get that special light in the eyes of the dad in your life this year.

Get Him Started Coffee Basket

Is the special father figure in your life an avid coffee drinker?  Does he like to sample new coffees, try out different types of mugs, and incorporate coffee drinking as one of the most crucial parts of his morning ritual?  Put together a coffee basket for him!  In it, you can include two or three bags of different types of coffee:  one of his favorite, then one or two of something new that you think he would love to try out.  Add a coffee mug (bonus points if it's a personalized photo mug with his kids or grandkids), a couple of baked goods to enjoy with his coffee, and tie it all off with a bow.  Is he more of an on-the-go drinker?  A great travel mug would be the perfect addition to your basket.

A Candy Basket

Women are known for their sweet tooth and regular chocolate requirement, but men need sweets, too!  Put together a basket full of his favorite candy and other goodies for the perfect gift basket for the man in your life.

Movie Night Basket

How often does your father or husband find himself sitting in front of the television, clicking aimlessly through channels as he struggles to find something to watch?  Circumvent this with a movie night basket containing a DVD that you know he's been wanting to get his hands on.  Top it off with a couple of boxes of his favorite candy, a box of popcorn (or a ready-popped bag, depending on his preferences), and a bottle of his favorite soda.

Tool Basket

Is your dad always losing his tools?  Does your husband never have the exact tool that he most needs to finish off a job at home?  Fill a basket full of the tools that he's most likely to need:  a couple of hammers, a full set of screwdrivers, and a wrench are a great place to start.  Add a box of nails to the bottom and wrap your tools up with a great, big bow before placing in the basket.  Need some padding to round it out?  Work gloves are always a hit.

Grill Master Basket

If the man in your life is one of the best chefs in the house, reward him for it this Father's Day! Put together a gift basket that will go perfectly with that new grill he's been hinting about wanting.  Start with the sauces.  Pick up a bottle or two of his favorite barbecue sauce, then add a couple of unique sauces that you know he'd love to try.  Add in a bottle of rub or his favorite seasonings.  Don't forget an appropriately sarcastic grilling apron!  If he needs some new grilling tools, feel free to add them in.  Does he have them all?  Look for unique additions to his grilling arsenal.  You might try a mold for mini sliders, a rack for grilling fish, or even a cedar plank.

The Reading Basket

Selecting a single book for someone who is an avid reader can feel like a real challenge.  Who knows what they've read and what they haven't?  On the other hand, a gift basket filled with this year's best sellers is something that the book fan in your life is sure to enjoy.  Fill the basket with a selection from the best sellers in his favorite genre, or check out the recommendations for little-known authors on Amazon.  Somewhere in there, he's sure to find a new favorite!

No matter what the dad in your life loves most (aside from you), there's a gift basket that will suit him perfectly.  Fill it with love, and know that you've created a winning combination.  Have questions about the perfect basket to fill? Contact us to see how we can help.

Cummins Gordon 16 August, 2017
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