Novel Gift Basket Ideas to Make Someone's Day
16 August, 2017 by
Cummins Gordon

Stuck for great gift basket ideas?

When giving a gift for any occasion, you can show off your creativity by creating a gift basket. These baskets are not only for Christmas or other holidays. They can be given at any time of year with a theme that allows you to create the perfect gift. Gift baskets allow you to include a variety of items at different price points. All of the items are things the receiver would love to have. By wrapping these items in a wicker basket or gift basket box,   the recipient can easily see the items and select what to use first. Here are some great wholesale baskets and containers for a variety of occasions.

Movie Night

After choosing the right basket or themed gift box by color and size, you will want to choose the latest blockbuster movie on Blu-Ray. If the person has children, you can include a children’s movie. This allows the family to watch one movie together, and the adults to watch their movies after the kids go to bed. You can add several packages of microwave popcorn and popcorn toppers like nacho cheese or butter flavored. A few cans of soda and some drink boxes for the children give the whole family something to drink during the movie. With the addition of popular candy, you have the perfect movie night gift basket.

Welcome to the Dorms

If you know someone who is off to college in the fall, a gift basket can be themed for dorm life. You will want to include things like a laundry bag, sample sizes of laundry detergent and softeners. You can add stuff like a set of towels or extra-long twin sheets. The new student will need a lamp to attach to their bed or a lanyard to carry around their school ID card and keys for their room. Small storage containers are perfect for a dorm room and for your basket. With a little thought and planning, your dorm themed gift basket will be a hit.

Welcome to the World

If you have a friend who is about to give birth, you can create a newborn baby gift basket. You will want to include things like newborn diapers, baby shampoo and lotion. Hooded towels are wonderful for newborn babies. A pacifier and bib are a great addition to a basket like this. If you know the sex of the baby, you can include an outfit for the child to wear home from the hospital. Choosing things to add to a newborn basket is easy, and the new mom will love all of the items.

Christmas Housewarming Basket

If you know a young person who is moving into their first apartment, you can create a Christmas themed housewarming basket. Let’s face it. Decorating a Christmas tree is expensive. From lights and tree stands to ornaments, it can be an overwhelming shopping list for their first Christmas. When the holidays pass and everything goes on clearance, you can stock up on Christmas items. These items can be used to create an amazing housewarming basket. You can include a stand, lights, candy canes, ornaments and tinsel, so the person has everything they need to decorate their first tree. This gift basket is perfect for anytime of year because these items are needed once each year, and they can store the items in the basket.

The type of gift basket you give is only limited by your imagination. You can choose a theme based on the person’s interests or the time of year. At Almac Imports, we offer a wide range of wholesale wicker baskets you can use as a base for your project. From size to style, we have the basket, container, box and gift basket supplies that you need.  Contact us today to learn more about putting together a great gift.

Cummins Gordon 16 August, 2017
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