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Gift Basket Supplies: Three Steps to Getting Your Groove On

Almac Imports has been around since 1963. What else happened in that very important year?

  • Beatles released the single "I Want to Hold Your Hand"
  • AT & T introduced touch tone phones;
  • The first episode of Doctor Who was broadcast by BBC;
  • The classic Smiley Face was introduced by State Mutual Life Insurance (and has never gone away);
  • Johnny Depp was born on June 6th;
  • And the Capri outfit with pull-on overblouse was the casual fashion of choice for 60's fashionistas.

So chic!


Lucky you--you're designing gift basket fashions with options they never dreamed of in the 1960's!

At Almac Imports we have gathered gift basket supplies for creating must-have ensembles.

Now to put it all together...


Once you have gathered the goodies that will go inside, there are basically 3 steps to designing a fashion-forward gift basket:

Step 1--Select the Foundation:

What's going to hold the items up and keep them all together? You have lots of choices.


For versatility, you can't beat a wicker basket. It's the "little black dress" of the gift basket fashion world. You can dress it up or make it more casual, just by the way you accessorize it. Or you might also like a fabric basket, with fun polka dots. You're the designer—you get what you want!


Or you may decide you want a sturdy-sided arrangement to contain your items. You can select nested, stacking or gabled boxes. With or without windows or handles. Holiday-inspired print or an elegant pinstripe or damask.


Or maybe you'd like to try a faux leather box or tray? They have all the style of real leather, without depriving any creature of its skin. Or something a little more whimsical? Try a fun take-out box, maybe with bunnies, chicks, snowflakes or just a bright color? Or are you a fan of metal? Try a wire basket, sleigh or planter for a container that will long outlast its contents.

Step 2--Choose Your Accessories:


Like a fine scarf, tissue paper adds just the right touch. Plus you can celebrate special events and the seasons by changing out the print: candy canes, to cupcakes, to baby-sized hand prints—you make the call.


To add volume, texture and even more style, include crinkle paper and paper shred in your gift basket. It comes in every shade, and in matte or iridescent. Choose from sleek shred or the fun sizzle style. If you prefer a more natural look, choose Natural Wood shred.

Step 3--Don't Forget the Final Touches:


Ribbons and bows are the jewelry of your gift basket ensemble. Do you want a filigree of fine raffia? Or maybe a spiral of saucy red ribbon? Or a sparkling pull bow with gold stars? So many choices!


You wouldn't send your creations out into the world unprotected, would you? To ensure that your fashionable ensemble stays all put together, rain, wind or snow, we have cello wrap and bags in every size and configuration: clear, shrink, and in prints that suit the season.


Almac Imports has managed to stay on top of gift basket fashions all these years by constantly scanning new trends in the industry and searching out innovative suppliers. With our unique and stylish supplies, you'll always know that your gift baskets are cat-walk-worthy. But nobody wants to spend too much, even for great fashion. That's why we buy baskets in bulk so we can sell them to you at great wholesale prices.  Keep an eye on our Weekly Promotions and Final Clearance Items for up to 80% savings.

Although we have been around for a while, we haven't slowed down. We have oodles of Gift Basket Supplies in stock and we ship fast. Most of the orders we receive ship out the same day, with the rest shipped out within 24 hours.

Contact us for more information or visit our website for more ideas on gift basket fashion.