Spooky & Clever Boxes For Halloween!
16 August, 2017 by
Cummins Gordon

This holiday has crept into our offices, Facebook timelines, and favorite stores… Halloween was once just for kids, but now it’s enjoyed by all ages! Gone are the days that Halloween meant gore and horror, now we’re greeted with funny and cheeky couple costumes, fun crafts and DIY’s and one great reason to throw a party with friends! From your office cubicle, to giving out treats to your family friends, here’s how to make the most of your Halloween with our products.

At Home

Don’t want to drape your home with fake spider web & plastic ghosts? For a more elevated decor, get crafty with our
don’t black oval metal planter with handles The sky’s the limit with our planter! If you have a green thumb, planting a few carnivorous plants like venus fly traps or darlingtonia californica would be fitting for the holiday. For a fun and spooky effect, keep the plants in the pots that they come in and fill the planter with black and gold sizzle paper!

At Work

Making your desk at work your own is something that is more often than not encouraged nowadays, and decorating through the seasons is something that can keep your space happy and positive! The key here is keeping it in line with corporate policies and professionalism… but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it! We suggest swapping out your regular on desk filing system with our small and large black
market trays. During the week leading up to Halloween, you can decorate with removable Halloween stickers and fill with candy!

Halloween Party

Hosting a costume party with friends and family this time of year is such a great way to end the warm weather with a bang and welcome the cooler months ahead. With everyone showing up with such great costumes, it’s only fair to award their creativity! With these bright orange pull bows, which come in a pack of fifty, you can pin your best dressed couples for a job well done! Check out this free printable for inspiration on how to create your own prize ribbons. Remember to tell everyone to bring their a-game!

For Your Tricks & Treats

Lastly, the reason for the season, candy! We’ve got a bevy of take-out pails perfect for filling to the brim with homemade treats, mini chocolates & plastic vampire teeth. With our reasonable prices, it may be worth buying enough for your whole block & leaving them all with an extra special halloween treat so everyone feels extra special! For ideas, click here! For more seasonal products check out our Halloween hub here!

Cummins Gordon 16 August, 2017
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