Themed Basket Boxes: Giving Lasting Impressions
16 August, 2017 by
Cummins Gordon

Parties, events, thank you tokens, or special occasions are open opportunities to carry on the theme by adding  themed basket boxes that fit right in. Colors, images, and combinations keep your options flexible. Any reason for a gift can be made extra special by including a thoughtfully chosen presentation box. Businesses and individuals can find selections of gift boxes available to keep them right on target.

Creating a promotional package? Having the presentation carry your concept while complementing the gift increases the impact. Whether it's a grand opening, an expansion or adding a new product line the gift should refer to it and the box should enhance that. Often attractive gift boxes are kept and repurposed and they remain as a reminder of your business event. Repetition is a tried and true tool in promotion. Don't discount the value of matching the box to the event.

Businesses that offer gift basket options from their merchandise can keep a variety of themed boxes available for their customers to choose from. Make it simple for them to customize their gift and they will remember you for it. Word of mouth recommendation is always welcome. Encourage them with that little extra.

Well respected and successful Realtors often give settlement or housewarming gifts to their clients. Those gifts can influence call backs when it's time for the next move. How much more of an impression would it make if the presentation were in a house shaped gift box with great graphic details? Keep their focus on having had your help finding their new home with a simple addition of a special box.

Event planners have an obvious advantage over their competition if they show they are thinking about all the bells and whistles. Suggest carrying the event theme all the way through each aspect, make that connection. Boxes that carry wedding colors, holiday images, birthdays, and anniversaries or everything between involves each attendee with a personal touch. Imagine a new doctor's graduation celebration with gifts tucked into a box that resembles a classic doctor's bag. Sometimes the simplest steps make the greatest difference.

Themes are not limited to age ranges or topics. Kids, sports, grandma's birthday, promotion, graduation, take your pick. Big or small, the occasion is the reason and there is an option for it to be just that much more special. Color, graphic, shape or style, it's what you decide matches your vision of the event. Signature color or favorite combination, bring the overall theme together, create the scene you want to set. Why settle for the same old thing everyone else has done? This is a chance to reach out, go above and beyond the average.

Taking the step to include themed gift boxes is very likely less expensive than one might think. Design, quantity, and size all play a part in that portion of the decision. The options are expansive enough to be able to fit most budget requirements. Don't dismiss the idea before you shop. After all, browsing the offerings is free.

Themed gift basket boxes let the attendees carry the party home with them. They provide a delightful backdrop to personally chosen gifts. The graphics can draw the attention and add to the overall experience of an event. Big business, crafters, and family reunion arrangers will find the best fit for their needs when a wide selection is offered. Adding the pizzazz is just that easy.

Almac has been a leader in providing just the right container for both business and individual needs for over 50 years. Selection, variety and cost effectiveness are all hallmarks. Review our offerings and, please, contact us with any questions or needs.

Cummins Gordon 16 August, 2017
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