Top 10 Creative Uses for Empty Christmas Gift Baskets
16 August, 2017 by
Cummins Gordon
The holidays have come and gone. Christmas decorations have returned to their waiting storage locations and your Christmas bounty has found its place and purpose as your daily life returns to its pre-holiday normalcy. Some items have been returned for credit or exchange and others are awaiting your next trip to the charity thrift store of your choice.

The gift baskets, so thoughtfully given by family, friends and business or employment connections are now empty, their contents having made their way to your cupboards, cabinets, pantries and closets. Now bereft of their custom contents, but still beautiful and functional, these leftover gifting containers are begging for a new purpose. What can you do to repurpose these eternally practical vestiges of Christmas past?  Read on to discover how to make your old gift baskets shine again, with these top 10 uses for empty Christmas baskets

1. Make Gift Baskets for Valentine's Day or Saint Patrick's Day: This could be difficult if the colors in your Christmas baskets include both red and green, but other common Christmas colors, like silver, gold or white are still appropriate for these upcoming holidays. Decorate with themed ribbons or other decorative accents. It's all about hearts and shamrocks.

2. Make a New and Convenient Container for Your Powder Room Essentials: Add some decorative touches, like artificial flowers or lace, and create a storage basket to compliment your bath decor. Hair styling tools and accessories, bath preparations, oral care provisions or bath linens are examples of some items to fill your basket.

3. Create a Centerpiece for a Table or Dresser: Load your basket with natural elements and embellish with fun accents. Employ your creativity to beautify your rooms as the seasons change.

4. Organize Your Tea and Coffee: Teabags, boxes or tins, as well as single-cup portions of coffee are conveniently displayed for easy access on your kitchen counter top.

5. Keep Your Gardening Necessities Close at Hand: Your small tools, gloves, seeds or other gardening paraphernalia will be ready for use when Spring arrives. Your garden basket is easily carried to your work site and doubles as a harvesting container.

6. Store Fruit or Snacks on Your Refrigerator Shelves or Your Counter Top for EasyPicking: If you have young people in your home, they love to grab a snack they can eat on-the-go. A basket full of goodies eliminates mess and the eternal question, "What's there to eat?"

7. Store Your Baby Needs Close at Hand: Baby powder, ointment, wipes, diapers, pacifier and teething ring are only a few of the items kept in a convenient and refillable nursery basket.

8. Give the Baskets to Your Family: Children of all ages will find more uses than you can imagine for your baskets! From organizing their school or art supplies to storing their favorite socks or elevating a school project, you'll be amazed at the many uses your youngsters can come up with, for your containers.

9. Create a Makeup Organizer: Teenage girls, as well as adults who use cosmetics always appreciate ideas to make their beauty products more organized and accessible.

10. Create a Central Location to Disperse Mail and Other Household Communications: Adequately communicating with your family, even when you're not at home is a daily necessity. Mail, school correspondence, forgotten items or special remembrances can be easily found when everyone knows where to look.

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Cummins Gordon 16 August, 2017
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