Types of Gift Basket Fill: More is More
16 August, 2017 by
Cummins Gordon


                                                                “More is more and less is a bore.”  -  Iris Apfel, American interior designer and fashion icon.

The last thing you want when designing a gift basket is for it to look skimpy. What happens when you put everything in the basket, step back to admire your creation and you discover that it just doesn’t look substantial. It doesn’t have the WOW! factor you were hoping for. It needs something more.

Chances are, you have a problem with the gift basket fill. So, what’s a gift basket designer to do?


Starting at the bottom of your basket, choose materials that do what a good bra does: support, enhance and maximize the contents! Especially if the basket is deep, you need to provide a base so that the items don’t sink to the bottom. You might use a layer of crumpled newspaper or 24 lb. kraft paper, or even a cardboard box. These base items will not show when the gift basket is finished, but they make a big difference in the presentation of the contents.


Now it’s time to find fill that matches your basket contents, theme and overall aesthetic. Our suggestion? Think shred. Shred is used in gift basket design to cushion the basket contents, fill empty spaces and add OOMPH! to the overall look. Shred adds texture, volume and color and if you have ever been a lucky recipient of a gift basket that contained shred, you know that it’s hard to throw it away after the basket is emptied out because it’s just so fun! Shred comes in an amazing array of materials and textures.


Paper shred comes in every color of the rainbow and can be straight cut or sizzle/crinkle cut (scrunched to look like long accordians). The sizzle/crinkle cut creates a filler that adds bounciness and height to your gift basket.


What’s not to like about wood? This kind of shred evokes nature and simplicity, and is a good choice when you want something a little more substantial.


Basic cello shred has a translucent quality. It comes in traditional Easter-basket colors and works well when you desire a softer, more delicate look. Metallic is another kind of cello shred and comes in dynamic and bright colors. Think cheerleader pompoms. This kind of shred catches the light and works well when you want to make a powerful first impression. Metallic shred also comes in blends. Combinations like royal blue and silver, or black and gold are ideal additions when you want a chic, luxurious look.


Let’s say you are designing a gift basket to present organic food items. You have decided you want a natural, rustic look.

Natural Wood Excelsior shred would be perfect for this basket. It is substantial enough to hold heavier items upright, and has an earthy look to it. Or you might decide on a classic: the straight cut Kraft paper shred. Nothing fussy there.

If you are designing a basket for a baby shower, you’ll want a fill to match.  Something soft in texture and delicate in color like a cello in yellow, or maybe a light blue, crinkle cut paper. Or have fun with this fill: our Baby Blend Sizzle-- it's as cute as a baby's giggle.

Or maybe you are putting together an elegant “Sweet Delights” basket. You can get their mouths watering immediately with either the Chocolate and Gold Blend Sizzle shred or the French Vanilla and Gold Blend Sizzle shred. These color combinations look both sophisticated and expensive.

Whatever you decide on, Almac Imports is here to make it happen for you. We have been helping gift basket designers in the U.S. and Canada turn their imagination into reality since 1963. We are a family owned business and believe in earning your business, one order at a time.

Contact us to find anything you need to make your gift baskets much, much MORE!

Cummins Gordon 16 August, 2017
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