Working with Crinkle Cut Paper & Paper Shred
16 August, 2017 by
Cummins Gordon

There’s no one size fits all when you’re working with crinkle paper or paper shred, in fact it’s really up to the user! Whether you’re protecting fragile items you’re shipping to customers, or decorating a basket for a loved one, this type of filler can really brighten up your products!
If you are unsure of which paper product is right for you, here’s a rundown of each type of product we supply:
Crinkle Cut Shred:This choice is both efficient and offers you a value above many other choices. Because of the interlocking spring design, it not only ensures you use less paper for each package or basket, it also takes up more space too to make your product presentation look lush and full. Unlike other suppliers, we offer a wide variety of options of both solid colors, multi-colors and a stylish mixed metallic and solid color designs perfect for every holiday.

Cello Shred: Cello shred probably evokes memories of Easter baskets of your childhood… but it can be used for so much more than that! This shred can also be used to decorate your gifts, create fun and simple crafts with kids, party decorations and more! We supply our customers with colourful plastic cello shred that will surely give whatever you have in mind both texture and beauty!

Straight Cut Paper Shred & Wood Shred:  These options are most likely the most used inserts in the world: it is great for packing your delicate products and ensure their safe arrival. Not only do we offer an array of great colors, we also have a new and very attractive looking wood shred that is all natural too!
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Stuck with extras? Here are some of our favorite clever leftover uses for Crinkle paper & paper shred: Sensory bin for your preschoolers: over on the Gift of Curiosity blog, one Mother created a very fun sensory bin with her leftover shredded paper. All of our paper products can be used to make this… just be sure your little ones don’t put it in their mouths!

Paper Nests: these super cute nests were made with easter in mind, but we think they’d be great for any time of year as cute accessories for place settings! For this craft, only our paper shred can be used.

Paper Snowman Craft: with winter on our minds, this great activity is perfect for kids anxious to get out and build their own snowmen… even if there’s nowhere near enough snow on the ground! All of our paper products can be used to make this craft, the crazier the colors the better

Cummins Gordon 16 August, 2017
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