7 Things About Wholesale Baskets Your Boss Wants to Know
16 August, 2017 by
Cummins Gordon

We know August is near, but it’s never too early to begin planning gifts and treats for the upcoming holidays. We also know that your client list contains some important people who will expect a nice “thank-you-for-your-business” remembrance. The universal gift everyone loves to receive is a gift basket.They provide wonderful foods, unique gifts and an abundance of decorating uses for the basket. On the other hand, if you’re not in the biz, how shall you go about obtaining the necessary items? Impress him or her by sharing these 7 things about wholesale baskets your boss wants to know.

One: Price

Price is usually the first thing on any gift list the boss considers. Then s/he tosses the whole subject in your lap, expecting you to pull off a professional item with next to no money. Not a problem. Wholesalers often offer great quantities of baskets at phenomenal prices, because they can charge cheaper prices than retailers. Even dollar stores can’t compete with wholesalers, who have the room to stock thousands of items, thus making them cheaper per each item.

Tip: Order enough baskets to cover a couple different holidays or anniversaries of clients doing business with your company. Employee birthdays are another great opportunity to build a great relationship.

Two: Selection

Many times retailers only stock baskets around back-to-school time for college students, or they are stocked in the summer for those who do farmer’s markets shopping. The selection is often limited to certain shapes and colors and not enough of those to make a difference. Retailers simply don’t have the room to keep much in stock. A wholesaler, however, has vast warehouse space in which to stock colors, styles, shapes and sizes of baskets. Also, you can choose one style, color and size to fit all, so to speak. Choose what you think is best and the wholesaler will do the rest.

Tip: Odd-shaped baskets are attractive, easy to fill and fun.

Three: Shipping

Shipping is a nightmare any business has to navigate if they supply something. Wholesalers have discount accounts with most shipping agencies such as FedEx, UPS and other shippers. This discount often gets passed along to their customers. The boss won’t worry about the prices being jacked up to include a percentage of the shipping.

Four: Basket

Contents What do online retailers, dollar stores and auction sites have in common? They offer wonderful things to put in gift baskets. Themed gift baskets can be filled with one swipe of the company credit card. Personalizing baskets are a snap, when you order from these sites. Contents are drop-shipped to your office or store, so you avoid the headache of physically going to several stores searching for basket contents.

Five: Sign of the Times

Back in the day, gifts for special occasions meant a gold watch or an expensive bottle of wine or champagne. Today, the keyword is gift. Gift cards, gift certificates, gift accounts, gift baskets are all signs of changing times. Your boss can now show his/her clientele that’s how the company rolls; it’s hip and now. It will also be delightful and appreciated much more than an impersonal gift card.

Six: Timing

Now that your shipments of baskets, shred, wrapping cellophane, ribbons and bows and gifts with which to fill them have arrived, your boss needs to know about the timing. S/he will need to delegate the personnel and time for the baskets to be made up. This won’t be a problem; most people would enjoy a chance to escape the phones and do something truly creative and fun!

Tip: Keep one of your baskets on a desk or store counter in full view of your clientele. You’ll be surprised how many of your clients will want one.

Seven: The Helping People Culture

This is a big subject in the business world presently. With so many businesses reaching out to people in order to help them financially as well as emotionally, your company has the perfect opportunity to join in this wonderful culture. Gift baskets make a statement to potential clients or as donations to those who have not tried or heard of your company’s products. The return on investment would be priceless.

In all of our 52 years in business, we’ve supplied wholesale baskets and other goodies to varied types of businesses. We enjoy the challenge of filling your needs with professionalism and aplomb. When your boss gives you the green light, just contact us for more information.

Cummins Gordon 16 August, 2017
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