7 Undeniable Reasons to Love Gift Basket Boxes for Begining Entrepreneurs
16 August, 2017 by
Cummins Gordon

Entrepreneurs have a lot to consider before they can manifest their burning desire to gift the world with their dream. Getting one’s ducks in a row before opening the doors is vital to the success of the business. One of those ducks is supplies. We know entrepreneurs have plenty of ideas for their boxes in their notebooks, because we’ve supplied entrepreneurs for over 52 years.

What the business owner might not be aware of, however, is that sometimes ideas can come from those very supplies. You’ll understand what we’re talking about when you check over these 7 undeniable reasons to love gift basket boxes.

One: Price One of the major stresses of owning a business is the cost of supplies. The gift basket entrepreneur, though, knows that gift basket boxes are attractively priced. The business owner will have a chance to shake some of that stress.

Two: Availability No one can run a business for long if their stock is on backorder. You won’t have that problem. Our warehouse is full of gift basket boxes of every conceivable type and color that can be imagined. Let us handle availability, while you go imagine something wonderful!

Three: Storage If you stock a product or perform a service, then your business needs room to store the necessary accoutrements. Since gift basket boxes nest, all you’ll need is a few shelves for boxes that won’t fall off like other supplies do. You can even store the nested boxes complete with shred and with cello and ribbons tucked inside, prepped for filling and sale.

Four: Variety Give an American a good reason, and he’ll buy a gift basket for it. Holidays, Mother-Father-Grandparent’s Days, birthdays, babies, housewarmings, and we’re pretty sure there are dozens more are all good reasons for gift basket boxes to be given. Need something psychedelic? Is there a baby whose mother could use goodies in a gift basket box? How about a guy who needs new sauces for the grill? You name the occasion, and there’s an appropriately designed box for it.

Five: Versatility So you think boxes are only square? We beg to differ. While it’s true that market trays are a variation on the square box, there are also round boxes, train and car boxes for the little boy in all men (or even little boys), Christmas sleighs, Santa boots, a station wagon with a tree on top, mailboxes, singing snowmen boxes for the Christmas holidays, little boy or girl bathtub with bubbles boxes and the list goes on. You can see we know a thing or three about boxes!

Six: About those Ideas Do you have gift basket boxes painted in candy stripes? Place stick candy in it for those who love such things in their hot tea. Got any boxes decorated with those 60s flower-power multi-colored blooms? Tuck some bulbs for planting next spring from a nearby nursery in them. Gaily colored boxes with scalloped edges can be stuffed with everything from hair care and accessories to makeup and nail care or from sport magazines to DVDs. Stuff them with flavored gourmet popcorns. We’re sure you get the idea!

Seven: Need More Ideas? Every family has one: the make-it-yourself mom, auntie or grandma. Instead of shred, put clips of materials in the gift boxes for quilt making, embroidered or gaily decorated ribbons for the weaver and seamstress, yarns and knitting and crochet needles for the craftsperson. Did you order nesting car boxes and train boxes? Two words: Tonka toys. Did your order tubby nesting boxes? Three more words for little girls: My Little Pony.  To make the gift boxes more appreciated, tuck in some organic cookies or lollies for the kids and perhaps some organic teas, coffees or hot chocolates for the adults.

We have a burning passion for gift baskets and gift basket boxes. We supply everyone from bakeries to grocery stores and from entrepreneurs like you to florists and candy-makers. We would enjoy a chance to make your burning passion happen when you contact us for more information.

Cummins Gordon 16 August, 2017
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