Addicted to Wicker Baskets? 6 Reasons We Just Can't Stop.
16 August, 2017 by
Cummins Gordon

Are you the kind of person who can’t have too many wicker baskets? We share this dilemma ourselves, and here are the reasons why:

#1: Wicker baskets remind us of being a kid

Little Red Riding Hood carried one, and we envied her basket as much as we did her red cape. Easter? It was all about the baskets, of course. We ate up the chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps, Grandma used a wicker basket to gather vegetables from her garden, and we can still smell the fresh herbs and warmed-from-the-sun tomatoes.

#2: They celebrate!

The sight of a wicker basket, filled with good things, is like an invitation to a party. It comes to us bedecked in ribbon and wrapped in glistening cellophane. We can’t wait to get inside, to find out what is tucked in between the rustling tissue paper and the crisp paper shred. We always find treasures—things that make us smile, clap in delight, laugh, or go, “Aaaw… how cute/pretty/sweet/kind!” Gift baskets often announce important occasions like births, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and promotions. What’s not to like?

#3: They soothe

A wicker basket arrives at the door of a sick friend, a mourning family or a stressed-out executive and the message comes through loud and clear: WE CARE. The lovely basket and carefully selected contents are a bright spot in an otherwise difficult time. The recipients will always remember that they were in our thoughts. The basket is a tangible reminder of our concern and affection.

#4 Wicker baskets get us organized

Baskets are clutter-fighters. Any time our counters, closets, shelves and drawers start to look like it’s time for Hoarders Anonymous, we can turn to the wicker basket for help. They work in every room of the house. They can be hung on the wall, turned into lamp shades, tucked into a corner or lined up on a shelf. Wicker baskets can be proud and display crystal, silver and china, or they can be humble and hide under the bed with the dust bunnies. They do whatever we ask them to do. Most of all, they help us keep the chaos under control.

#5 They are portable

Wicker baskets were originally created to provide a light, durable way to transport goods. That holds true today, but add in the fact that wicker baskets are stylish and fit with every imaginable theme or decor. The variety of shapes available means that wicker baskets can:
  • Act as serving trays, transporting appetizers to the patio;
  • Cradle cut flowers on the way from garden to vase;
  • Protect wine bottles on the drive to the party;
  • Keep the chips from chipping on the way to the park; or
  • Hold the rose petals until the flower girl can sprinkle them all the way down the aisle.

#6 Wicker baskets are like cats—they have 9 lives (and more)!

Say that a wicker basket arrives at your door, filled with chocolate delectables and coffee beans (your favorite shade-grown variety). After it is emptied, you decide to use the basket in the bathroom to store rolled-up towels. In the spring you put geraniums in it. One day you use it on the buffet table with napkins inside. After that the basket serves as a prop in your daughter’s school play. Soon after, the basket goes along on a picnic. Later, you do some baking, and the beloved basket is recruited for a delivery of fresh bread. Your friend adores the basket and the bread. She decides to use the basket to display her embroidered linens. Her cat decides that, no, the basket should instead be employed as a napping spot. You know the cat always wins, right? (Note: good tips on cleaning wicker baskets can be found here.) At Almac Imports, we are without a doubt addicted to wicker baskets. That's why we have wicker in every style, color and shape.  Learn more about buying baskets wholesale

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Cummins Gordon 16 August, 2017
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