Cello Boxes and Bags: A Clear Choice for Spring
16 August, 2017 by
Cummins Gordon

“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.”  -  Doug Larson

Clearly, nature is waking up. After a tough winter, it comes as a relief to see the sun out at last and plugs of green grass popping up. Everyone’s thoughts are clearing from the fog of winter and turning toward gardens, weddings and warm-weather fun.
For this time of year, the best packaging may be the least packaging. Wrapping that is as clear as air, or as transparent as water, just fits the season.

There is another reason too: clear packaging is trending right now. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, General Mills put a lot of time and energy last year into the development of clear packaging for their Larabar Uber fruit-and-nut bars.

When the bar with the new wrapping was launched in stores, customers responded in surveys by saying that the bars had improved taste, looked more natural and seemed fresher. All that, and the recipe for the product hadn’t been altered in any way! Based on that enthusiastic response, General Mills is going to use clear packaging on more of their products.

“You eat with your eyes,” Julia Wing-Larson, marketing manager for Larabar, pointed out. So it follows that having a good view of what they are about to eat can be a strong incentive for customers to buy.

It even appears that the clear packaging trend is getting competitive. Simple Orange juice (Coco-Cola product) has made headway on sales against Tropicana (PepsiCo product), partially by putting their juice in a clear jug that mimics the shape of a pitcher. Tropicana responded by putting their juice in a transparent container too.

In an article in Gizmodo, author Alissa Walker cites another reason for the current popularity of clear packaging: a desire for “nutritional transparency.” As Americans focus on eating better, they want to get their eyes on food before they get their hands on it.


Clear packaging allows for items to be stored and shipped, but most importantly, shown off to the browsing customer. For over 50 years, Almac has been providing quality gift material and display products to US and Canadian food service, flower and wholesale basket industries, and treating each customer with special care. So, what does Almac offer in the way of clear packaging?


Why hide the bright colors, innovative designs and interesting textures of candies, cupcakes, and other goodies? Artisans work for hours to create works of culinary art and it’s a sin to stuff the masterpieces into opaque packaging. Almac recognizes this and has gusset bags in six sizes. They also have clear cupcake boxes in many sizes and shapes. If cardboard cupcake boxes are preferred, Almac has those too—in white or color—each one with that all-important clear window, so the customer can see.


A cone bag holds just the right amount of jelly beans, nuts or candy corn in full view. The cone shape itself is whimsical and the package is portable. What the customer sees is what he or she gets, and frankly, cones just look like fun. Almac has cone bags in two sizes. Almac also has cellophane rolls—clear or with designs to match any event or season. For spring, choose from a variety of designs, including “Sweet Tweet” with whimsical birds and flowers, “A Little Honey” with rotund bees, “Funky Flowers” with bright blooms, and “Daisy Chains” with retro-looking white blossoms—just to name a few!


Almac has what you need to hold your packaging together: glue dots, curling ribbon (in 50 plus colors), and raffia (in 25 plus colors/styles).

Whether it's for  clear cello boxes and bags or any other packaging supplies,  contact Almac today. We clearly have what you are looking for!

Cummins Gordon 16 August, 2017
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