Decorative Chinese Take Out Boxes - Not Just For Leftovers
16 August, 2017 by
Cummins Gordon

Chinese take-out boxes are a normal part of the North American lifestyle. It's part of the cultural zeitgeist to take part of your meal home from the restaurant, and so is eating take out at your desk or at home. Many people do this at least once a week, and each meal your customers take out of your restaurant involves a pail to hold the food. This makes these boxes ubiquitous, and it is easy to overlook them. It's tempting for food establishment owners to grab the nearest, plainest boxes for take-out that they can find, but this ignores their potential. There are advantages to choosing decorative Chinese take out pails.

For instance, everyone knows Tiffany's iconic boxes. Each box is an advertisement for their products, and a chance for brand name placement. People use them to wrap gifts and store items around the home, thus turning the home into an ad space. Your take out boxes can be your advertisement, too, if you pick an unusual and pretty box pattern.

You can pick a pattern that matches the theme of your business. This allows you to include them in your decorating scheme. They don't wilt the way flowers do, and you can take a pail off the display when you run low on the ones you use for take out. More importantly, it reinforces brand name recognition. Even if the box merely matches the color scheme of your establishment, the box will remind customers of your restaurant when they next open their refrigerators. It might be particularly helpful to have a unique pail design all your own, possibly with your name on it. Your customers will recognize your work at a glance and your business will stand out from the other restaurants, delis and eateries.

There are ornamental designs in pails that make your food the display. There are pails with plastic windows available, much like you see in pastry shops. These windows show off your products, making them an alluring part of your display. People walking by will recognize your food when customers take meals to their cars, which can encourage foot traffic in your restaurant. It might encourage people to actually eat the leftovers once it is home, too, as they won't have to guess what it is.

Plastic windows are a decorative touch with a practical side. You will be able to identify what you're bringing out to your customers without opening the top of the pail. This cuts down on serving mistakes when you have multiple take out orders. Customers hate taking the wrong food home, so eliminating those mistakes improves the customer's experience. It also keeps your food insulated, since you won't have to open the pails to double-check orders. This makes your business one that people remember fondly.

You can change your decorative pails with the seasons. You can order green boxes with hearts this month, and then get something magenta next month. You can also change the patterns to match advertising campaigns, the way famous sandwich and fast food places do. This variety is a cheap way to keep customer interest and extend your advertising to people's homes. The change in pattern will give guests something to talk about when the boxes come out.

With so many eating establishments out there, it can be hard to stand out in a crowd. Unusual or even unique Chinese take out pails are a small but effective way to bring your name to customers. At Almac Imports, we have been working with businesses to create containers since 1963, and we have a wide selection of take out pails to choose from. We also create custom containers for any one who asks. If you want eye-catching containers that will reach their full potential, contact us. We'd be glad to help.

Cummins Gordon 16 August, 2017
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