Easter Baskets for the Perfect Egg Hunt
16 August, 2017 by
Cummins Gordon
Easter is a favorite holiday of people everywhere. The springtime weather and pretty pastel colors often associated with Easter put everyone in a good mood. Kids are especially fond of this holiday. A visit from the Easter bunny is a highly anticipated event, and the following Easter egg hunt is a hit with children of all ages. There are many ways to make your family's Easter egg hunt a memorable one. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

 Decorate Easter Baskets

Before sending the kids out on their egg-hunting expedition, offer them each an Easter basket to decorate in their own, unique style. Parents may want to get in on the decorating as well, so be sure to have plenty of baskets available.

Colorful ribbon, small wooden chicks or bunnies, and Easter-themed charms make excellent decorations. Spray-on glitter can add a nice touch too. Just be sure to use the glitter in a well ventilated area and away from little ones.

Assign Color

By assigning each kid a color to hunt for, you can ensure every child receives the same number of eggs. Doing this also gives the person filling the eggs the opportunity to include age- or gender-specific toys and trinkets. Another benefit to color-coded egg hunts is the fact that older children's eggs can be well hidden, while the little one's eggs can be put in easier to find locations.

Hide a Gift Basket

Hide a gift basket for each child to find at the end of the hunt using a clue hidden in an egg. By color-coding the eggs you can ensure that each person receives a clue and a basket. Baskets are able to hold bigger gifts than eggs can, and the treasure hunt tacked onto the end of an egg hunt is a blast for kids.

Have a Prize Table

If you aren't using the "color-coded egg" idea, this option will work much better than the "hidden basket" idea. Start by collecting several fun prizes such as toys, games, books, and gift cards. Display all prizes on a table and use masking tape to label each prize with a number. Create slips of paper, each with a number that matches a prize number. Put the slips of paper into some of the eggs being used for the hunt. The person who finds an egg with a paper receives the matching prize.

Include the Adults

Adults like to have fun too, so offer them a chance to participate in the egg hunt. If you are color-coding eggs, be sure to include some prizes they will enjoy too! The kids will love having their parents join the fun, and the experience will be something everyone remembers for years to come.

Don't Include Money

In general it is a good idea to avoid putting money in your eggs. Eggs have a tendency to go missing, and in those cases, the money goes missing as well. Instead, you can include money on your prize table or in your hidden baskets. This will eliminate the possibility of a frantic $20 bill hunt at the end of the day.

These are just a few of the many Easter egg hunt ideas out there. Do some research and use your imagination and you are sure to come up with a few more. No matter what ideas you choose, the kids (and adults) in your family are certain to have fun and make some amazing memories.
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Cummins Gordon 16 August, 2017
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