Empty Gift Baskets Ideal For Exclusive Individualized Gifts
16 August, 2017 by
Cummins Gordon
If you’re searching for the perfect gift for someone special, empty gift baskets are an ideal place to start. Not only is there a huge, varied choice o empty basket-type containers, their uses are also enormously versatile, and they can be filled with just about anything to create a unique surprise.

Remember those lucky dip packets you loved as a child? Well empty gift baskets take these to a completely new level. Whether you’re catering for an adult or a child, the options are endless in terms of gift and budget, from inexpensive toys and candy, to lavish perfumes or jewellery, or simply a handmade item crafted with love.

Choose a basket to fit the gift you have chosen, or choose goodies to fit your empty container. Either way you’ll end up with exclusive individualized gifts for the favorite people in your life.

How to Choose Empty Gift Baskets

Unless you already have a good idea of the type of container you are looking for, you’ll get loads of inspiration just by scrolling through the page of baskets stocked by Almac Imports.

Alternatively you can search by type, material for example, or by primary function. Use-specific examples range from picnic and fruit baskets, magazine baskets, round and rectangular trays, market and bakery baskets to baskets designed specifically to display gifts. There are also charming baskets made with play in mind, including baby wagons and cradles for dolls. Add a doll or teddy bear and you’ll have a present any child will be likely to treasure.

While traditionally baskets were made of interwoven strips of cane or wood, we stock baskets made from all the most popular materials. These range from bamboo, rattan, seagrass and time-honored wicker, to fabric and fabric-lined baskets, as well as those made from wire and wood. We also stock a large number of different types: open baskets, baskets with handles, and baskets with lids. Some are intended for display while others are designed for a variety of storage needs.

If you’re restricted by a maximum budget, be sure to note prices and make your choice accordingly.

How to Customize Your Gift Basket

If you’ve got a gift that hasn’t been prepackaged, or is in a dull, dreary box, a stylish basket transcends the blandness, adding a whole new dimension to the presentation. And size doesn’t matter, as long as the basket is larger than the primary gift to be placed inside. Think the kiddies’ party game, Pass the Parcel, where one single item is wrapped up numerous times, and unwrapped sheet by sheet whenever the music stops. Or if you are giving a watch or expensive piece of jewellery, you could nestle it on a small satin or velvet cushion, or bury it carefully in crinkled tissue paper. Then wrap the basket in bold-hued cellophane and finish it off with ribbon and bows, even just a small posy of fresh flowers. If you’re starting with the basket, you can stick with its suggested purpose – filling a fruit basket with fruit or a magazine basket with books or magazines – or you can be creative. Baskets are so versatile they are never restricted to just one possible function. This in itself is one of the beauties of using empty gift baskets as part of a present. You might give a friend a picnic basket that becomes a storage box for trinkets, or a breadbasket becomes open storage for hand towels in the bathroom. It doesn’t matter whether the basket or the gift comes first, empty gift baskets are a great solution for important-occasion presents. How can you not be inspired?

Cummins Gordon 16 August, 2017
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