Hostess Gift Ideas That Will Make You Welcome At Any Party
16 August, 2017 by
Cummins Gordon

Hostesses go to a great deal of trouble to make good parties. Whether they are arranging a company get-together or a private party to impress future clients, they work like mad to create a comfortable and fun time for everyone. Rewarding the hard-working hostess with something at the door is the least you can do to thank her, and it might just make sure the best part-throwers do it again next year. Ok, hosts can also throw parties, and all the foregoing is true of them, too. With that in mind, here are some host and hostess gift ideas that will please anyone.

1. Stuffed animals. Always a hit, especially if you can find the animal for which the hostess or host has a special soft spot. If your hostess loves wolves, for instance, a plush white wolf is sure to make her happy. You get double points if it is the mascot for the preferred sports team or old alma mater.

2. Wine. This is the go-to obvious gift for anyone unless the hostess is pregnant, a recovering alcoholic, or a teetotaler. Otherwise, wine is good. And probably necessary when the party-thrower sees the mess the guests leave. Slap the label of your company on your wine bottle for extra gravitas.

3. Baskets of your company's product, especially if you make something practical or tasty. No, we are not just saying that because we sell baskets. Baskets are naturally versatile, and once your friend has used up whatever you gave, he or she can use the basket to hold stuff. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

4. Day planners. Anyone who undertakes planning a party clearly is a busy person in need of a little scheduling fun. Make your day planner fun and whimsical to lighten the scheduling load, and add your own personal touches to remind the recipient just how much you appreciate the hard work that goes into making a party happen. Your company logo or moto on the front can also spread a little free advertising as the planner goes wherever it is needed.

5. Mittens, hats and scarves. Pants and shirts run the risk of being the wrong size, which burdens the recipient with returning the present or taking up more closet space with something he or she cannot use. Hats, scarves and mittens, however are easy to gauge the size of, and they are so useful. The winter is fast approaching and everyone would appreciate a little extra warmth.

6. Books. Doesn't everyone love books? Especially the coffee table type with pretty pictures of something associated with your company. If you run a bakery, a recipe book full of things to complement your baked goods will light up your host or hostess' life. If you sell garden implements, a book about gardening will fit the theme. You get bonus points for finding out the party-givers favorite author or book series and giving him or her something from that series or author that the recipient hasn't read yet. Of course, this can also go in a nice basket.

7. Give your crafty hostess or host a basket full of whatever he or she needs to do his or her preferred hobby. A basket of yarn, wood working tools, or similar is another two-for-one deal, as the collection of items is already in its own container. The host or hostess doesn't have to organize it, just stick it in with the rest of the craft-making stuff.

Given the amount of work that the party-giver has to do, it seems only fair to compensate him or her with a gift that is helpful or particularly suitable to the individual. Pay attention to what the host or hostess likes and, when you need more ideas, contact us.

Cummins Gordon 16 August, 2017
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