Make Perfectly Fun and Unique Easter Baskets
16 August, 2017 by
Cummins Gordon
A visit from the Easter Bunny is a much-anticipated event for young and older children alike. Every Easter, without fail, the children wake up to Easter baskets - sometimes filled with toys and other treats – and the house or yard is filled with plastic Easter Eggs which are all filled with yummy treats/candy. Why not surprise the kids this year with something a little different, unique, and fun on Easter morning? Here are some unique ideas you can try in order to shake up your Easter baskets this year:

Follow the String

If you have seen the new Frozen Short, you will know what the follow the string game entails. Simply attach a string to each child’s Easter basket – a different color for each child – hide the basket and thread that string all around the house. Make sure the string ends at the foot of each child’s bed or in front of their bedroom door. In the morning each child will have to follow the string in order to find the baskets.

Non-Basket Easter Baskets

An Easter basket is fun and classic, but if you want to get creative you can try some of these non-basket Easter baskets:
  • Toy Basket
Want to get your child a new toy for Easter? Make that the basket! Things like toy trucks, doll cradles, Lego containers, and new toy trunks make for great Easter baskets.
  • Sport Basket
Has your child recently started a new sport or hobby? Use those activities as ideas for Easter baskets, for example: Baseball hats and gloves, new jerseys, cleats, ballet shoes, etc.
  • New Clothing Basket
For older children new clothing is just as - or even more - exciting than toys, use new hats, shirts, or shoes as Easter Baskets.
  • Kid Pool/Beach Towel Basket
Getting ready for a fun and wet summer? Use a kiddie pool or beach towels as Easter baskets this year.
  • Backpack
You can never go wrong with a new backpack, purse, makeup bag, etc. Use these as the Easter baskets.

Decorate/Spruce up the old Basket

If you are very attached to using the same basket for Easter each year, why not decorate and spruce up the old baskets? For your little girls you can tie pieces of tulle to the edges of the basket to make it look like a pretty princess tutu. You can add paper, ribbon, gems, and more  in order to spruce up the old baskets.

Edible Easter Baskets

If you really want to go all out and make some unique Easter baskets this year, try to make an edible basket.
  • Braided Bread Basket
You can look on Pinterest to learn how to make and braid the perfect bread basket.
  • Candy Box Basket
When you go to the candy section of the store, there are plenty of those boxed candies – like you find at the movie theater – you can use these boxes to make a boxed Easter Basket.

Homemade Easter Baskets Make Easter baskets a fun craft/family activity this year by allowing your children to make homemade Easter Baskets.
  • Boxes
Instead of throwing away the shoe box you used to make your child’s Valentine’s Day box, repurpose the box as an Easter box/basket.
  • Cans
Find a big can and paint it white then add ears and a bunny face – Now you have an Easter Can/Basket. What’s Inside?

Easter Basket Stuffing ideas:

  • Makeup
  • Nail polish
  • Candy
  • Games
  • Bubbles
  • Sand toys
  • Bath toys
  • Books
  • Pencils
  • Crayons
  • Balls
  • Legos
  • Gift Certificates
  • Movie Tickets
  • Movies
  • Baked Goods
  • Wall Decals
  • New clothes
  • Coupons
If you would like to learn more about making unique and fun Easter Baskets please contact us today.
Cummins Gordon 16 August, 2017
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