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2016 Holiday Gift Giving Calendar

As we all know, there are several occasions throughout the year to give a gift.  Birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, and graduations all call for the giving of a present. Important as these dates are, they are more of a personal holiday, so to speak. Here we are going to discuss the 2016 Holiday Gift Giving Calendar for national Canadian and American holidays.

  • Tu B'Shevat - Monday, January 25 - This is a Jewish occasion that celebrates a new year for trees. The Torah praises seven specific fruits (including figs, olives, pomegranates, and grapes), and these fruits are eaten on this day. Sometimes seasonal fruit is consumed as well.
  • Chinese New Year - Monday, February 8 - This celebration can last for days, and can include pageants, parades, and fireworks.
  • Valentine's Day - Sunday, February 14 - What better than a day set aside to recognize those you love! Traditionally, chocolates are given on this holiday.
  • St. David's Day - Tuesday, March 1 - Those of Welsh decent celebrate Welsh Saint, David. Meals are a big part of these celebrations, so a present of a food basket would be more than appropriate.
  • Employee Appreciation Day - Friday, March 4 - How better to show your employees that you appreciate them than to give them a nice token of that appreciation?
  • Purim - Thursday, March 24 - This Jewish holiday celebrates the Jewish people's deliverance from a death decree in the 4th century. Reading the story from the book of Esther is tradition, as well as giving food and food baskets, and helping the poor.
  • Easter - Sunday, March 27 - Gift baskets are the featured gift of the Christian holiday. Candies, fruits, and toys are all given in these baskets in celebration of the Resurrection of Christ.
  • National Library Worker's Day - Tuesday, April 12 - Show some thanks to your local librarians and library workers on this day. Gifts of thanks to them, as well as donations to the libraries, are custom.
  • Passover (first day) - Saturday, April 23 - Passover lasts for eight days, and during these days, those of the Jewish faith try to spend that time with those closest to them. Gift baskets are sometimes given on this holiday, and they typically contain ceremonial foods and wines.
  • Administrative Professionals Day - Wednesday, April 27 - Show your front office staff how much you recognize and appreciate all their hard work. Small gifts and gift baskets can be given on this day.
  • Loyalty Day - Sunday, May 1 - This is the day to celebrate and remember those patriots who fought and died making America what she is today. Activities, parades, and various celebrations occur on this day.
  • Cinco De Mayo - Thursday, May 5 - This day celebrates the French army's defeat at the Battle of Puebla against the Mexican forces. Great food and music mark this celebratory day.
  • National Nurses Day - Friday, May 6 - Thank the nurse in your life for the selfless job they do. A token of appreciation is common practice.
  • Mother's Day - Sunday, May 8 - Thanking our mothers should be an everyday thing, but setting aside a special day just for them is fitting. Thanking them with a gift is customary.
  • Armed Forces Day - Sunday, May 21 - Celebrations and remembrances happen on this day. You can show thanks to those who have served their country by giving them a gift.
  • Father's Day - Sunday, June 19 - Thank your dad for all the thankless things he's done throughout your life. Give him a gift and let him know how much he's loved.
  • Senior Citizen's Day - Sunday, August 21 - This is the day to remember our elderly neighbors. Some may not have any family around to visit them, so sending a nice gift basket can be a good way to let them know they're thought of and appreciated.
  • Halloween - Monday, October 31 - Though the trick-or-treating may be reserved for children, plenty of adults enjoy this creepy holiday. Giving candy is for anyone and everyone on this day.
  • Christmas Eve/Christmas - Saturday, December 24 and Sunday, December 25 - This Christian holiday is known as the ultimate gift-giving holiday of the year. Gifts are given to everyone from mail carriers, dog groomers, and teachers, to close friends and family.

As is evident by this list, it is important to our culture to celebrate our lives. Giving thanks, recognition, appreciation, and remembrance are all reasons to celebrate. If you would like more information on how we can help with your next special occasion, please contact us