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5 Christmas Gift Basket Ideas to Delight and Surprise

Sometimes it may seem as if the person for whom we contemplate giving a gift has everything. Other times, we may not know someone well enough to know all their habits and preferences, but we want to gift them anyway. Gift baskets were invented for just such occasions and many more besides. We love to hear about innovative and imaginative ingredients for this most delightful of gifts. So, for the mom who has everything or the lady who loves homemade things and the Dad who doesn’t care as long has he has a DVD to watch, we offer these five Christmas gift basket ideas.


1. The Christmas Breakfast Basket There is wrapping paper

all over the floor, the dog is going nutzoid with bows taped to her tail, the cat is batting around the wrapping paper, and the kids are oohing and aahing over their new toys. The phone is ringing with Aunt Jenny wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, the doorbell is ringing with your brother and his family come to celebrate the holiday. Who has time for breakfast? You do, because someone was thoughtful enough to give you our Christmas gift basket just for the occasion. In it you will find banana nut and blueberry muffins, packages of hot chocolate, packages of gourmet coffees, a sausage-egg-and-cheese casserole, paper plates and plastic cutlery. Everyone knows you won’t have time to wash dishes before cooking Christmas dinner, so enjoy!


2. The “Is it Ready Yet”? Basket Nothing drives a family crazier than smelling the aromas of the turkey and ham baking, the bread baking, the assorted vegetables cooking and coffee perking and knowing it isn’t ready yet. Thank goodness someone remembered to gift you with our Christmas gift basket with this in mind. How thankful you are to pass around to your hungry family and guests the homemade onion dip with crackers, the skewers with chunks of meats, peppers, grape tomatoes and cheeses laced onto them, the homemade rolls and packages of instant gourmet coffee, tea and chocolate. To add to your gratitude, the gift basket also included a deck of cards, a small board game as well as a DVD to keep everyone busy until dinner is ready.


3.  The “Oh, Dear, I Need Another. . .” Basket? We’ve all done it. Our ingredients are organized, the dishes are being put together, others are being kept warm, and we reach for a kitchen tool or another hot glove. . . .and there’s not one left. They are all being used. Oh, what we would give for an extra spatula, serving spoon, pair of tongs or oven mitts. Fear not, because there sits on the counter a gift basket packed with a lacy table cloth, cloth napkins, oven mitts, two or three pot holders, a spatula, serving spoon, fork, tongs and enough plastic wrap to cover Texas. Now Christmas dinner can be completed with no burned fingers!


4. The Homemade Aficionado Basket A healthy lifestyle is something to which we all aspire. Many people make their own personal grooming products, cleaning products and soaps. More people make their own mayonnaise, ketchup, pancake syrup and salad dressings. For the homemade items devotee may we suggest a gift basket that includes a box of Borax, a box of baking soda, bar soaps, a grater, a bottle of perhaps lavender or tea tree essential oils and a gallon of purified water? Making homemade soap is as simple as cooking the ingredients until smooth, letting it sit for around 12 hours and then pouring it back into the gallon bottle in which the purified water arrived. The basket might also include a small bottle of cream of tartar and a small amount of sugar for making pancake syrup, a few tomatoes, garlic powder, lemon juice and eggs (protectively wrapped of course) for making mayonnaise. She’ll love you for it!


5. The Don’t Forget Dad Basket Most guys watch the Christmas wrapping paper, dog and cat playing, kids howling with joy and smelling dinner cooking from the comfort of their recliner. How much more comfortable would Dad be with a pipe in his mouth, a cognac beside him, warm slippers on his propped up feet, and watching the latest DVD? Into this gift basket could be packed an assortment of wonderful-smelling tobaccos, a couple bottles of cognac, a couple pairs of ski socks in addition to slippers for everyday as well as a smoking jacket, just in case it’s a tad nippy inside as well as outside. Added to the basket might be a pipe holder and decorative cans for his tobacco.


We’ve loved gift baskets for over 50 years. If you enter a store for any kind of food or a mom-and-pop shop for sundries, chances are good you’ll find one of our baskets on the premises. We supply more than just basket ideas to our customers, so if you’d like to hear more about it, please contact us