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Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for the Young at Heart

A great way to catch your reader's attention is to tell a story. Everything you consider writing can be told as a story.Does it seem to you like lots of things are commercial and same-old, same-old? Whatever happened to hand-made Christmas toys like wooden trains, rag dolls and wooden doll houses? Wouldn't you love to wake up on Christmas morning to a gift basket stuffed to the handle with all the things you've loved all your life? Well, be of good cheer, because we have a few Christmas gift basket ideas for the young at heart! There's sure to be one that will delight your special one.

Gift Baskets for the Collector

Is your special one a collector? Did he have Matchbox cars when he was little? How about if your special one is a lady and had every doll known to man when she was little? Stuff your favorite guy's Christmas gift basket with model cars he can put together. Place pretty collector dolls in a Christmas gift basket for your lady.

Remember your old 45s and LPs? If one of your gifts will be an old-fashioned stereo with a turntable, why not pack a gift basket with Christmas goodies (of the sweet type) and add to those a few treats of the vinyl type? Cassette players usually come on such stereos, and you could surprise and fascinate your loved one with some of the best music of his or her era.

Gift Baskets for the Sportsperson

Know someone who works two jobs, has kids and never gets out of the house? Perhaps a guy is so busy presenting his entrepreneurial ideas that he can't get out, either. For these busy people, you could pack a Christmas gift basket with the appropriate foods and drinks to suit these people's taste. You could also include a pair of in-line skates, old-fashioned roller skates, a basketball, baseball or football or perhaps pack in the basket a badminton set. What would mean the most to them, though, would be a handwritten and decorated coupon for a day when you'll step in so they can go outside and have some fun.

Gift Baskets for the Craftsman

Now, we know you can't pack a circular saw in a gift basket. You can, however, pack a coupon  for the nearest home improvement box store for lumber, saw blades, trim or whatever you think the craftsman will need to throw something totally amazing together. What about if the craftsman is a lady? Does she quilt, crochet, knit, scrapbook or decoupage? Stuffing a Christmas gift basket with the things she'll need along with her favorite herbal teas and meat/cheeses would be a lovely gift.

Gift Baskets for the Young at Heart

Music, disco clothing, mirror balls and those sky-high shoes worn back then remind people of how they felt when they were young. That's what it's all about, isn't it? Sometimes we just need reminders of how we felt when we were young. So if you packed a Christmas gift basket with pet rocks, electronic pets, peace signs on a shirt, and, yes, bell-bottom pants, then your giftee will be taken back in time and feel young again. Movies from that day would have the same effect (the whole Star Wars collection, for example).

Another way to remind your loved ones of the young-at-heart days is pictures in specialty frames you either make yourself or order from a specialty shop. Give your loved one tickets for a plane trip back to the town in which he or she grew up. Let her or him show you around, take you to the Woolworth's or the site of the five-and-dime or his or her favorite picnic spot. A trip down memory lane is good for us-it reminds us of our roots and how our characters and virtues were built.

We've been at the gift basket business for a long time now, and we've seen all sorts of ideas for stuffing Christmas gift baskets. We enjoy supplying our clientele with their baskets, including ideas that make their own clientele happy and young at heart. We'd love to hear some of your ideas when you contact us to tell us about them!