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Christmas Gift Basket Ideas: Give the Gift of Togetherness

Christmas shopping is in full swing, and you're trying to check off everyone on your list. If you're finding yourself stuck for great gift ideas for some of the most important people on your list--especially your own family members--consider giving the gift of togetherness. These Christmas gift basket ideas can be the starting place for an amazing gift for some of the people on your list.

Ice Cream Sundae Night

Ice cream is everyone's favorite dessert, and barring lactose intolerance, it's sure to be a hit with every family. While you can't include the ice cream itself unless you're planning to store this gift outside until it's time for it to be opened, you can put in a $5 or $10 gift card to your favorite local grocery store to cover that part of the evening. The rest is up to you! Get creative with plenty of ice cream toppings, including hot fudge, caramel, sprinkles, and more. You can include a box of ice cream cones, add special ice cream sundae dishes for a bit of extra fun, and even pick up a jar of maraschino cherries. This is a gift basket that's sure to inspire squeals of delight!

Make a Pizza

Some of the best times many families will have are in the kitchen, cooking together. Provide that amazing gift for some of your favorite people by putting together a pizza in a basket. Choose a ready-made crust or crust mix, then add a jar of marinara sauce and plenty of their favorite toppings. Pepperoni, summer sausage, or mushrooms could be a big hit. Don't forget to add in a small gift card to cover the rest of the ingredients, since cheese and many meats aren't particularly shelf-stable.

Movie in a Basket

Do you know someone who would love the opportunity to put together a family movie night? Now, you can design it for them. You can start with a movie that you're sure will be a hit or include a gift card for renting a movie from a local video store, Redbox, or Amazon Prime. Then, add in the snacks: a box of your recipient's favorite popcorn, complete with a popcorn bucket to put it in and several boxes of candy, just like what you'd get at the movies, will perfectly complete this at-home date. Candy bars, pretzels, or nuts are also great movie night treats.

Dates for a Year

Many couples can't find the time to go on a date, much less time to plan one. If you know that a couple on your list is having trouble finding time to spend together, get creative and put together a year's worth of dates for them! Put a calendar in the back of the basket that explains the whole scheme, complete with the scheduled dates for each month. Every month for the entire year, plan a special date for the couple on your list. Attach gift cards to the calendar on the relevant months and wrap up the pieces of the dates in numbered packages that correspond to the month. Some ideas:

  • Check upcoming movie releases and schedule a movie night when something they love hits the theaters. Include a movie gift card in the calendar and some candy to smuggle into the theater in this month's package.
  • Choose a favorite restaurant and provide a gift card for a dinner date one month. A lunch date at a less-expensive restaurant could appear on another month.
  • Let them be kids again and check out a local arcade. Include a wrapped roll of quarters or tokens for this month.
  • A walk through a bookstore is sure to inspire some fascinating conversation. Put in a gift card to a local bookstore and include a couple of fancy bookmarks in this month's package.
  • Plan an at-home cooking date: provide a recipe book and some fun spices, sauces, or rubs that you know will appeal to your recipient.
  • Offer them the chance to put their feet up at home and relax with a fun game. Wrap up the game and a few fun snacks to enhance the evening. Don't forget the popcorn!

Putting together a gift basket might be the most fun you've had all season. Looking for more interesting ideas?  Contact us for more ways to put together the perfect gift for anyone on your list.